Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life with an infant: How did this happen? (and reasons why it still somehow works for me)

It's been entirely too long but I feel like writing today, over other things I should be doing. Yesterday I ate my very first nectarine of the summer. Organic, of course, and it was delicious. Could've been just a tad more ripe, to be more sweet, scrumptious, and delectable, but it was still pretty good.

Husband and I embarked yesterday (after a majorly long visit at the grocery store Tuesday night- with a baby, no less) on our efforts to cook more at home. We made a lentil and sausage soup and it was pretty darn good. We decided it's probably best, after seeing what our weeknight schedule is like, to prep as much ahead of time as we can. It'll be sort of like on Top Chef, only our fridge will be the cooler and we won't be hauling things off-site to cook them. Hopefully by way of cooking our own food, we will get used to using and eating foreign vegetables and fruits, and will end up a might healthier as a result. If we can spend more time together, eat healthier, (and somehow because we're awesome and have prepped everything ahead and only take a few minutes to cook things), find time to work out, it would be the ultimate trifecta.

I promise I'm not delusional. I know that with an infant (she's 12 weeks on Saturday- whoa!), you can only do so much. Taking things one step at a time is my preferred method. I pray that lifting things much heavier and for longer time spans than I ever have before will keep me active and slowly get me back in shape. When I say carrying "things" I mean: an 11 lb baby on her own for 10-40 minutes, or said child in a 3-6 lb carseat basket, a bag full of clean cloth diapers, a diaper bag, a lunch bag, a pump bag, possibly a purse or grocery bag, and any mail I might have collected on my way into the house. You know, carrying them all at one time. Yes, I could take two trips, but again, hello, baby in my hands and when else will I do it? Just easier to suck it up and deal, and then put things away all at once. I know I'm working my muscles when I was still laying in bed this morning, felt slightly like I got hit by a car while I slept.

Despite me realizing six hours of (uninterrupted) sleep (I know I'm blessed over some new parents) is not enough for me, and wishing I really liked coffee or caffeinated tea, being a mother is great. We do get stressed, and there were a couple of teary, tricky days at the beginning, but they're just part of all of this learning experience. Time's flying by, but I am at this point, really very happy.