Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sleeping is for Women. Wait...

This week I can.not. wake up on time. I've either turned off my alarm or hit the snooze for almost an hour. It doesn't help that my body is fighting me. It's saying, "please let me stay awake until after midnight! The other bodies do! They're going to think I'm so lame!" and my mind sort of agrees and says, "I'm sleepy but I'm going to find other things to think about, so body doesn't feel lonely." My concious thought is irritated and ready to strangle mind and body, but that would wind me up and negate the issue at hand. Even now as I write this, I'm finding myself slightly crazy. I haven't been that sleep-deprived. I have found though that my wheelhouse is about 7.5-8 hours of sleep. Going 6 or less for more than a week is stressing me out. I woke up with a cough today, but it could be on account of the continued rain.

Somehow, Husband woke up at the same time today and helped me out so I could leave within 15 minutes of me waking up. After he let the dogs in, he sorrowfully announced that our little veggie plants were not strong enough to withhold torrents of rain yet and all got washed out of the pots and planters they were in. I couldn't bear to look. Honestly, by the time I left, I'd forgotten about them already. We do have some green beans planted in the mini-garden but I'm pretty sure I'm not cut out to be outside ever, including to do things like taking care of plants without killing them. I actually put them outside figuring they'd been indoors for a good two months and it really was time for them to sink or swim. Unfortunately, they did both, literally.

I keep promising a book review entry, and that will make me happy, but I type really loud at work and I better tone it down now. Much more work-typing to do yet today. Perhaps the best way to avoid this said work will be to fall asleep on my keyboard.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Embracing the Awesome

There's so much to catch up on and talk about and very little time to do it this week. For one, I've started to finally love and accept both of my dogs. It was rough-going with Charlie for a couple of months and finally, after four months and 1 and 1/2 sessions of obedience class, I feel like he's my dog and I'm beginning to understand him. He, it seems, is also growing up and has started to trust and accept us. Always good for a creature who lives in your house. Isn't that weird? That we allow these little furry creatures who can't speak, to share our dwellings? As much as he irritates me by grunting in my ear every 4 seconds after I've first hit the snooze button, I'm alright with him sticking around.
He failed as an alarm clock this morning and I woke up 15 minutes before I intend everyday to walk out the door to work. Traffic has sucked by my house for inexplicable reasons all week, and I have to drive a circuitous route to get back on track (my head automatically cues Chris Farley doing this Matt Foley-style). I remarkably didn't leave any later than usual (which still makes me about 5-10 minutes late) and chugged my first caffineated diet soda of the day. I had not the time, or desire to drink any coffee, so D.Pepsi it was at 7:30 am. Gross.
Work has been okay, but busy putting together an award application which we probably have no real chance at receiving. It's good to try though, and I can use what we did at a later time for other projects. Nothing like being told 4 days ahead of the deadline for application that you need to coordinate a project that has been released since February 1st. Aside from that, everything has been going fine.
Hopefully, the week of awesome will continue today. I've skipped the gym for three days now, in favor of other stuff thatmakes me happy. Allow me to illustrate by making lists:
Monday: Ditched the gym and instead went to a music store looking for violin accessory pieces that have worn out. That mission was a failure, but I ended up with a new scales book and music from Phantom of the Opera. Score. Ventured to the library where I picked up an intro to fiddling, my held copy of Nightlight, hilarious-looking parody of Twilight, and the gigantic doorstop of a book, Under the Dome. (I've been "reading" it on audio but I like to supplement.) I'm actually really liking it and can't wait to get back to it. I THEN went home, and found Charlie's bed dry! (He pees when I come home because he's so psyched) I took the dogs for a walk to make them smiley (they really do smile!), then I played my new music as the dogs joyfully barked at and jumped all over each other. I tossed some dinner together and happily drank the last glass of wine and danced around my kitchen to super cool itunes I just added. That genius playlist is my new favorite thing. I literally told my husband when he came home that my day was awesome. Watched the hockey playoff; our team won in a nail-biter. Cool.
Tuesday: I went rollerblade shopping and ended up buying two pairs. I found the second pair much cheaper, so I'm taking the other back. Went home to the puppies, who were again pee-free (yay!), played some more violin, and plopped down for some Glee while dinner baked in the oven. Sadly, husband came home right at the end and mocked the rendition of Turn Around being performed in a ballet studio. It's singing while doing ballet! How could I not like this?!
We caught up on other tv shows we'd missed during the week. Fab. I also managed to do laundry as we did this. An example of my awesome ability to multi-task! I also called my California friend and stupidly decided to talk waaaay past my bedtime- still a fun bonding experience.
Wednesday: I had to attend a meeting for work about ten minutes away from my BFF who just came home from 9 months performing on a cruise ship. Since the meeting was in conjunction with my lunch hour, I called her up and she and her husband came out to eat with me. We went to this great little sandwich place and ate al fresco. Nothing like good friends, conversation, and sunshine to break up your workday. The dude wearing a Mexican flag and shaking a maraca helped the atmosphere. (It was Cinco de Mayo.) I didn't make it back to work on time, because they were re-paving the only road I used to get to the meeting, an hour away. I had to "re-route", meaning me being lost in an area that doesn't label street intersections, and swearing quite a bit at this fact. I really hope they don't record audio or something in the company car. Finally returned to work (on a low low gas tank) and proceeded to finish out the day in semi-relaxed fashion.
Little did I know that my pain-free feeling my body was experiencing was about to go away. I headed home and immediately put on my new blades and wrist guards. I made it about 4 feet down my way-too-sloped driveway and due to this new terrifying feeling, tried frantically to break. The break on my skates was so new, it did nothing, and instead, tripped me so I fell backwards while still sliding. I somehow burned up the inside of my right elbow and feel on one side of my butt. I'd rather have a bruise than a broken tailbone. I managed to get up, embarrasedly chat with my neighbor, then skate up and down the block for another five minutes. It was rather painful scraping pieces of asphalt out of my arm, but I've been bandaged and fixed up pretty well. Showerfresh and ready to hit the town, I took Charlie to obedience school. He was pretty adorable and great at heeling, but also somewhat awful at doing the things he was supposed to. 3rd game in the hockey series was on, watched and then was pretty much passing out by midnight.
Today, I plan to Zumba, and return those expensive blades. I'll be back later with a massive book review entry. Altogether this week, I've been composed and utilizing the odd combo of can-do and laid-back components of my personality. I generally like it but can't see this lasting forever. Let the awesome continue.