Thursday, June 24, 2010

OMG a oh oh oh oh I hate this Usher Song...

I didn't realize I was so funny until I went back and read some of my first blog entries. I am ridiculous. I've been trying to avoid snorting in my cube just now. No wonder my husband wants me to put it into a little book.

On other accounts, everyone who comments on my blog uses foreign characters and I can't read them. I appreciate the gesture, but do other bloggers get this? Is my blog hacked or just especially popular in Asian countries?

PS. The nightstands I planned to paint over two weeks ago are still stacked in my garage, un-painted, un-sanded, and just barely wiped of insects & dust. I feel at this point, if they ever get completed, they will signify my largest accomplishment of the year. I am making BIG plans- Way to reach for the stars!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

These pretzels are making me sleepy

I know that's not the right line, but I am sleepy. This continued need to nap is making me delirious! Again, not really, but it could be at that level. I'm just stopping in because I have been feeling the pull to impart my random words of "wisdom" upon the interwebz and all of you lovely readers.

Last weekend our massive back yard tree was uprooted in the 50-60 mph winds that attacked just before the driving rainstorm. We're waiting on estimates from tree removal services and thank goodness insurance is covering it. I'm sad now though, because we will be lacking shade and cover, which won't lend kindly to our currently low utility bills. The best part of the episode I suspect is the fact that we can now start the yard from scratch and do exactly what we want with it. We need to rip out all of the insect-attracting plant-weeds from around the house and then I think we'll actually be okay, yard-wise.

In books, I'm nearly done with the ever-popular (?) The Bell Jar, and am hating most of it. I just don't get Esther's whole deal. Not thrilled and moving on. What IS thrilling, is the ending of The Shining! I've been listening to it on my commute for weeks and it's been very good. It's not my favorite book, but the more Stephen King I read, the more I enjoy his work. It's odd because the book is pretty different than the movie, and I'm having difficulty picturing anyone but Jack Nicholson and (the ever creeeeepy) Shelly Duvall. I also spent the entire book waiting for the twin girls to show up and freak Danny out but (SPOILER) that part never comes! Dissapointing, and even more-so disapointing that for me as a supposed adult that the lack of the little ghost girls is the major downer for me. Tony, in the book is less scary than in the movie, and led me to a sort of less-threatening version of Jodi, from The Amityville Horror (which I totes recommend).
I'm pleased that the Husband is on a reading kick, and has mentioned that he wants me to get another library book for him. I may have already discussed it here, World War Z? He just finished The Boy Who Climbed Everest by Bear Grylls and seemed to like it. We agreed that it's kind of a "boy" book but definitely packed with info about climbing.

Outside of this arena, I am teaching myself how to play the cello and getting it all wrong. My fingers are too short to get the notes right, and I may call the rental shop to see if I should switch to a 3/4 size, even though I'm an adult. :-/ Trying to not be too hot as July rolls in slowly.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

About that cello playing...

I'm really awful. Granted, I know it was officially only my second day playing around, but I'm terrible. Perhaps it's the way I'm sitting, or the height of the instrument, or a misplaced pinky on my bow hand. I feel more though that my weakling arms and super-short fingers (I'm so incapable as a "pianist" are really what's hindering my ability to play for more than 10 minutes. That being said, it does take a few sessions to feel more comfortable with playing. I know when I picked up my violin again it took a few practices before I wasn't physically exhausted and feeling like I needed to ice my biceps and fingertips. To this, I say, play on, Mr. Tambourine Man. Play a song for me, since it will be at least a few weeks before I can make somethin' happen. ;)

Monday, June 14, 2010

So what'dya know?

I'm actually writing an entry! Thing is, things have been great. They've been busy and crazy, and so wonderful. Of course the dogs do goofy stuff, and I forget things all over the place, and the husband is busying himself with his own self-improvements. Work's busy and I have been relishing every spare minute of life at home away from a computer. There are more things out there to do than I can count! For example, I have got an awesome selection of books from the library and at home that I am never going to be able to push through before they're due. I'm really sorry that it seems I'll miss out on or change my mind about reading a few. Take a look at the stellar lineup:
1. The Bell Jar - for June book club reading.
2. The Shining - I'm listening to this and it's pretty good so far.
3. The Power and the Glory - Graham Greene. I loved The Quiet American, hated The End of the Affair. I've always had an interest in this one, so we'll see where it goes.
4. The Monk - Matthew Gregory Lewis - Orginal gothic-era, fiction pulp of the 18th-19th century.
5. The Prince of Mist - Carlos Ruiz Zafon published his 1st YA novel in English this May. Yes Please.
6. Rebel Angels - Libba Bray - this was a impulse grab. I've been hearing about the rest of the Great and Terrible Beauty series and figured light summer reading.
7. Les Liasions dangereuses - The original Cruel Intentions. :)
8. The Castle of Otranto - A follow-up gothic piece by Horace Walpole, which oddly enough, was just referenced by The Shining. Further proof that I should be reading "classics" referenced in modern day lit.
9. Red November - A Goodreads win that I am planning to begin this week. It's supposed to be reviewed after I'm done, and then I get more books!
10. Getting the Picture - Sarah Salway. This is another Goodreads win that I am sorely behind on. It's short, so I'm trying to push through.
11. I completely forgot also, that I have to pick up Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood. I had the book checked out for nearly two months and didn't get to it but it's been calling!

As you can see, I am under some serious library pressure. Renewals, yes, but by that time, who knows what I'll be into next!

As far as other areas of life, I spent an hour this weekend renting a cello. I've played violin, recently began practicing again, and have had a long-time desire to play the bigger instrument. Mostly, I just love hearing cello music. I think the tones are gorgeous and now I want to be able to be responsible for those sounds. I figured out how to play an in-tune scale on it and then taught husband how to play. Yay for teaching something I know too-little about!

This week's rave: Daily chore cards. I broke out some index cards, wrote out regular cleaning chores for each day of the week/room of the house, and tossed them up on the fridge. Granted, things aren't all done yet (horrible papers/mail junk everywhere!) but everything seems so much cleaner and more manageable. I didn't even have to clean the kitchen or bathrooms this weekend because they were kept up in little bits during the week. How cool is it that I didn't have to do three loads of dishes in a row because we had filled and emptied twice last week?!

We ended up needing all the chores done during last week because this weekend turned into a, "let's do whatever we want with our time and not clean weekend". It was mostly accidental really. Saturday was filled with morning activities, like eating breakfast, renting the instrument, jamba juice stop, and the library. A quick nap, and then off to meet friends for INCREDIBLE tapas-style Mexican. Really really great despite the packed restaurant. I have never seen a restaurant in the suburbs that packs people in that tightly. We snagged some stools and had to eat at the bar because the people eating at 7:00 had been in line around 3:30-4 pm when the doors opened at 5. That evening turned into games and drinks at their house, and then feeding the puppies a few hours late. Sorry buddies!

Sunday was a day of indecision really. I began ambitiously trying to clean up the nightstands I need to paint, but left them in the garage and opted for a 3 hour nap. We had no food in the house, so we went out to eat and then to grocery store, followed by an evening excursion to see the much plugged (by my husband) A-Team movie. It was decent and fun.

That is all for now. (loooonnng entry.) Thanks for reading, if you made it this far. I'll try to keep things more exciting next time.