Saturday, August 15, 2009

Under and Outside of the House

Greetings and Salutations! As I recall, I left you stranded in the kitchen, therefore we will proceed to the dungeon downstairs. Not really. It's quite nice but we've got a couple of plans.

The view to your left as you walk down the basement stairs.

And the view to your right.

This is the family room area to the left. The photo below looks back into what they have set as a gym area and a connecting door waaay back there to the storage room. Planning on removing at least some of the red, not sure where yet. The boring stuff: Our laundry room and water softner. It has more shelving space built in on the right. The utilities are all enclosed in their own room near the stairs across from another storage room. The Packer half-bath in all its glory. We asked if they'd take the wallpaper down before they left but we didn't get any takers.
Get ready to party because the bar and the pool table are staying with us. The poster of Brett Favre on a Harley is sadly leaving.

Let us mosey on back upstairs and out to the yard...

This is the side entry into the back yard. The fence is coated chainlink, so it should not rust. Neighbors have a solid wooden fence.

That's our shed way back there. Some bugs were crawling around it but no damage. I love the tree because it shades almost the whole yard and we shouldn't have to worry too much about it falling on the house, since it leans away. Small brick patio to the deck. The kitchen door is on the right, some seating is attached to the deck behind the hedge but we've got to majorly trim the bushes before anyone could fit there.

So that's it. The end of our journey together and just the beginning for a young couple. Some work to be done, but no major projects to tackle. Thanks for looking and we'll let you know when the housewarming party is!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

The tour continues

I got sick of dragging images down and screwing up the formatting. (Excuse my illiterate-photo-inserting-blogging skills)

Some shots of the kitchen; tile backsplash, good space, enough for an island or a table in the center of the room. Note the builder model dishwasher that we'll need to replace. door to backyard on the right.

The paint colors in the kitchen: drab olive and this burgandy/maroon color. Like them separate but not together. Not sure what to do there. Door to backyard on left, garage door to the left, and dining straight into that yellow.

Because our dog is the coolest ever.

Congratulate Me: We're selling our souls for a house!

That's right, we've finally gotten a contract set for our new living space. The inspection went rather well yesterday and we did not discover any super creepy crawly things living under the bed, nor hidden corpses in the closet. I'm not certain that the latter is a violation of any building code, but needless to say, we're pleased the house is liveable. I'm so punny...
Anyway, a lot of people are asking, and I figure I should just post some photos of all the stuff we're going to be changing when we move in early October. Let the tour commence:

Le Outside of our new digs

Inside the front door looking left.

Check out that fireplace. (wood burning gas starter)

Standing in the living room. Door on the left goes into kitchen.

Hallway on the other side of the kitchen, the rockin' pantry doors & the linen closet at the very end.

Bedroom #1. It is much bigger than it looks here. Have not decided how to decorate it.

Guest Bath.

Sort of ugly paint & grout to clean/avoid on the tile bath! Excellent! :/

Bedroom #2: My favorite wall in the house. Unfortunately the current owner is perhaps the biggest GB Packer fan that has ever lived. As will be evident in later photos.

Master Bedroom. That's a king size, so our tidy "little" queen should work nicely. I'd like to paint it different than this ooky tan/yellow color but haven't decided what will be most calming...

Boring master bath & with shower...

To be continued....