Thursday, August 13, 2009

Congratulate Me: We're selling our souls for a house!

That's right, we've finally gotten a contract set for our new living space. The inspection went rather well yesterday and we did not discover any super creepy crawly things living under the bed, nor hidden corpses in the closet. I'm not certain that the latter is a violation of any building code, but needless to say, we're pleased the house is liveable. I'm so punny...
Anyway, a lot of people are asking, and I figure I should just post some photos of all the stuff we're going to be changing when we move in early October. Let the tour commence:

Le Outside of our new digs

Inside the front door looking left.

Check out that fireplace. (wood burning gas starter)

Standing in the living room. Door on the left goes into kitchen.

Hallway on the other side of the kitchen, the rockin' pantry doors & the linen closet at the very end.

Bedroom #1. It is much bigger than it looks here. Have not decided how to decorate it.

Guest Bath.

Sort of ugly paint & grout to clean/avoid on the tile bath! Excellent! :/

Bedroom #2: My favorite wall in the house. Unfortunately the current owner is perhaps the biggest GB Packer fan that has ever lived. As will be evident in later photos.

Master Bedroom. That's a king size, so our tidy "little" queen should work nicely. I'd like to paint it different than this ooky tan/yellow color but haven't decided what will be most calming...

Boring master bath & with shower...

To be continued....

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