Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today has just been weird. Work was okay. Left early for a dermatologist appointment. I am pretty certain that due to my high-risk very light skin, I am prone to hypocondriasm when it comes to my skin. It had been at least a year since my last skin check, and since then, I had found multiple new moles that I assumed would have to be the start of something more serious. Doctor visit was one of the shortest I've ever had, and was out of there in less than 40 minutes. She said that as long as I continue to be smart about sun exposure, I can last a long time before worrying about contracting melanoma and other varieties of skin cancer. I promise it's a lot less gross from here on out, unless you like a good animal poop story. With two dogs now it seems that I accumulate these frequently and still counting.

I came home to drag Izzy to her annual vet visit. Everything there went fine short of some waxy build up in her right ear. She got three-year distemper, rabies, and an annual bordatella and everything seemed dandy. Went back home, and let Charlie out. He didn't even pee in his bed once today! Then he made up for it by standing at the back door and letting the tide roll in as I attempted to put on his leash. I let the dogs play as I attempted to transplant our GIANT green bean plants from the starter tray to bigger pots. This was a project in itself and I did not realize until it was too late that the shots from the vet turned Izzy's stomach and she was going to do a #2 in a not-so-great way. Too late, I realized, as I rushed to grab our poop eater from underneath Izzy's butt, that the deed was done. Too late, was I, to prevent what amounted to baby poop literally covering Charlie's whole head. Too late, was it to grab Izzy and wholely prevent the two dogs from playing and inevitably brushing up on each other. One dog to clean was enough. I got Iz indoors, and let Charlie carouse as I pulled out the hose for the first time this year. He was too smart to stand in the volcanic spray of the hose, so I got to carry a dog with a dripping wet, poop-head into the bathroom from outside. He got his first bath in our already plugged with hair bathtub. He almost fell and from then on, he stood meekly and let me attempt to get the soap I doused him in out of his piles of fur. He hops out, I let him play outdoors until I finish potting those darn plants.