Thursday, June 24, 2010

OMG a oh oh oh oh I hate this Usher Song...

I didn't realize I was so funny until I went back and read some of my first blog entries. I am ridiculous. I've been trying to avoid snorting in my cube just now. No wonder my husband wants me to put it into a little book.

On other accounts, everyone who comments on my blog uses foreign characters and I can't read them. I appreciate the gesture, but do other bloggers get this? Is my blog hacked or just especially popular in Asian countries?

PS. The nightstands I planned to paint over two weeks ago are still stacked in my garage, un-painted, un-sanded, and just barely wiped of insects & dust. I feel at this point, if they ever get completed, they will signify my largest accomplishment of the year. I am making BIG plans- Way to reach for the stars!