Thursday, August 5, 2010

What's with Today, Today?

Several things:

I feel slightly ucky after eating a roast beef sandwich from Jimmy Johns. Perhaps it was because I heated it up. Unless it's a PB&J, I can no longer tolerate a cold sandwich- fact of life now.

Our home is falling apart. Fan no longer works without the fan's light being on due to an over-pulled chain. We now have a hot bedroom in perpetuity. The kitchen overhead blew out about a month ago and because we hate the fixture, we've never bothered to replace the bulb. We're operating using counter-top lamps. Cozy, but inconvenient when there's a light-switch right there on both sides of the room. We also have a leaky roof vent that was flooding our kitchen by dripping down the backsplash under our microwave yesterday. Yippee- weekend projects!

I also was changing my desktop google background theme and giggled when I saw one for Justin Beiber and actually thought, "Wouldn't it be weird if I used that?!" Until about two months ago, I had no recollection (perhaps for the best) of who this girl was, and her name was Justin.

My stomach just growled sooo loud and I'm slightly embarrassed.


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