Thursday, July 7, 2011

Notes from the underbelly

Wasn't that a TV show at some point? I figured I have no "flip side" to account for these days, so I went with something more devious sounding. This entire first segment of this post is ridiculous, so Onward!

I finished Pride and Prejudice yesterday. It was fine. It took about 70% of the book before I became interested enough to really want to see what happened, and the writing finally made sense to me. Discovery 1) I am not a Jane Austen fan. Everything I've attempted to read has bored me and I only try to keep reading because people say they're classics. Discovery 2) why is the Darcy-Elizabeth thing such a big deal? Yes, they were trite to one another, and certain misunderstandings occurred, but that happens in a lot of relationships. Discovery 3) I found it most shocking when he proposed the first time. I've yawned through the movie and mini-series (looking at YOU Kiera Knightley) so I had no real idea of the storyline. Why then, is this considered so great? Enough. I did like it enough to not hate it, but I'm not going to be punishing myself with more Austen. I've since moved on to the Victorian era, and am reading The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. This writing is beautiful and eloquent and actually has a developing story, rather than obnoxious over-development about characters that mean nothing. I'm also listening on audio and am hoping to whip through it, so I can re-start The Stand. I promised myself that I would finish Woman in White (a free kindle book) before I bought anything new. I did technically purchase the book yesterday, but I'm keeping to my self-imposed word and not switching to that one just yet. I figure, I have all these classics I do want to read, so why not alternate with non-free so I can save some money (and library trips).
Bored, reading about my reading habits yet?

We're slowly making progress on the house, and I finally chose and purchased wallpaper for our basement powder room. It's only been a year and a half that we've been looking at what my husband calls "sickening" walls dotted with Green Bay Packer helmets. The previous owner was a serious fan, and unfortunately, this was the one area of paraphernalia that was permanent. Hopefully it will be cuted-out (yes- cute-ed) by the end of July. Lots to do, harder to do with a baby, but hoping this weekend will be productive.

Boring, boring, boring. Thanks for reading!

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