Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My library stack is sick! (and other ramblings)

Recently I have been really stuck on that saying that never reeeallly caught on 10 years ago. Anyway, I mean that my (sadly ever-growing) pile of library rentals is sky-high and ALL things that I want to read yesterday. I still have many of the books I listed the last time I had a major list. Thank goodness I can renew books, and check-outs are a month because I am going to be selfish. I have a record 27 items (eesh) checked out right now. Granted, 1/3 of them are CD's that I can't burn yet (for my own listening pleasure only) because our itunes computer cracked out on us. Technically it was the mouse that began leeching battery fluid, but it was a "good excuse" to upgrade. Yay for (not-so) new technology I need to learn to use! Therefore, I still have a staggering 18 books that "need" to be read by the end of July. Among those I am eagerly anticipating when I'm done with the current reads:

The Power and the Glory. It's old but I adored the Quiet American, hated The End of the Affair, and am curious as to which side of love/hate Graham Greene I'll end up on.

The 13th Hour. Dude is accused of killing his wife, he's innocent and is given the chance to go back and find out what happened & re-do things.

Les Dangereuses - The original Cruel Intentions. Catherine and Mr. Valmont? Yes please. Blame me being a teenage product of the 90's...

In other news, Husband and I watched Brick last evening. It had a good storyline, but the high-school scenario meshed with a 1940's Detective/Police Chief scene and language that No One (other than perhaps modern Shakespeare) would use was a stretch. I just see Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who still rocked this movie) as the weepy kid from 10 Things I Hate About You. Again, I was still a teen in 2000...

I probably have way more to share, including the tornado-like uprooting of our only backyard tree, my new affection for women singers who to me sort of sound and look like fairies, my pee-hazardous dog-child, and my excitement at completing the paint job on my thrift-store nightstand find. I have a very exciting life- just livin' the dream.

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