Friday, February 4, 2011

It's been 5 months. Sorry.

Really, if you have any interest at all here and have been disappointed in my lack of blogging, that's about all I have to say about it. Sorry. Life is just too busy, too big, too complicated lately to remember to come back here unless I feel like writing a whole bunch. That's what today feels like, so here I am. I've also been attempting to maintain a baby blog for relatives and friends who don't live nearby to catch up on all the "doings". That's right, we're now nearly 8 months into having a baby and it's all been going okay so far. Lots of doctor appointments, naps, trips to the bathroom, and attempts at eating some healthy food. I'm just starting to get into a grumbly, "this isn't feeling so hot" phase. I'm hoping it doesn't last another two months. Like, if I could keep the baby baking, and go back to how I felt about three weeks ago, with as small a belly as I had then, life would be fabulous!

I've pretty much been relegated to getting exercise from walking up and down our staircase or taking the dog outside in the backyard on a leash. Baby is just scrunching my lungs now, and that's not super fun. I hate being out of breath. My family somehow is putting together a shower, which we're grateful for, and semi-surprised it came together. My friend Bri is helping, and I'm relatively certain that is why it's come together. Looking forward to a nice little party up here, and my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are throwing a small fete down state as well in a couple of weeks! I will be glad when those things are finished though, because we have very little in the nursery, aside from a glider and ottoman (thank you in-laws!), a re-finished bookcase (thank you me- more on that later), a bunch of baby books and decorative items, and about four baby outfits in the closet. The rest of the room is still filled with our junk, an old computer, and boxes. Not baby-ready whatsoever.

Aside from a work trip to Vegas that husband had to take, and my judging dance competitions nearly every weekend in Jan.-Feb., we're enjoying our time as we can. Being and staying in love despite the addition of children is a major life goal of mine. Plus, if our kid sees a healthy relationship in front of them just about every day, I think that their thoughts and feelings will help them develop healthy relationships for themselves.

And, my boss just caught me writing this. He didn't say anything, but it's still embarassing and you can't click off the screen once it's there, so I just had to leave it and hope he'd stop glancing at the screen. Yuck. Guess I'll be gone for a while again. I'll try to make my big comeback at home instead.

Final thoughts for today:

1) I'm upset that I forgot my oatmeal today. I just started to like it and now (even though I still don't like the texture) I'm a fan because of the health benefits and the flavor.

2) I've been itching for some exercise the last few days. I'm actually looking forward to lunch not just because I get to eat, but also because I'm hoping a treadmill is open upstairs and I can get in a 20 minute walk session. Yay for exercising for an easier labor and baby's health!

3) I am so thankful that of his own admission, my husband is volunteering to help clean up the house more. Our dogs make the house tough to keep liveably (is that a word?) clean, and his help will make a big difference in my attitude and energy level!

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