Friday, February 11, 2011

Latest and Greatest

This week has been filled with baby-ness. For instance, my movement is more restricted now, beyond simply having a hard time putting on socks. It's now a little harder to dress. Or, new and different, is the insistance of baby to get a couple of really good leans into my bladder and pelvic region, so I'm not sure if I'm going to pee my pants in the grocery store or if I relaly don't need to go, like a normal human being. She's also taken with growing really big all of a sudden and using her new-found appendages to jab into me at indiscriminate times. I really do enjoy seem to be enjoying pregnancy for the most part, but feeling like someone is crawling up the inside of your stomach is a freaky experience.

We're avidly trying to coordinate spending and saving to maximize what we've got in the bank right now, in anticipation of future necessary purchases, inevitable house repairs, replacement appliances and cars, and upcoming wedding trip to California in late summer. Airfare to LA area is ridiculous right now! Eep.

I've basically had very little interest in reading many books. I've been reading several pages of Les Miserables at lunch. I'm enjoying it but there are sections that I just don't care about. It's like that at home too. I just can't focus on looking at a book, and prefer magazine articles and my audiobooks on my commute.

I'm prepping for my extended absence at work but it's a little tricky to figure all of the details behind what I do, and making sure people either know how to do them or where to get the info.

I'm done for now I think. Short attention sp... ooh shiny things!

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