Monday, January 19, 2009

The Awesome-ness that is Rebecca

I finally hunkered down and began at the recommendation of my friends, my little sister, my mom, your mom, Rebecca, by Daphne DuMaurier. Written in the 1930's, this classic mystery tells the story of the new Mrs. DeWinter and the shadow cast upon her by the late Mrs. DeWinter, Rebecca. I am only in the 18th chapter but it has started to get really good. I cannot help but smile when I get a new tidbit of juicy, gossip-like material, something to the effect of, "oh my goodness, she did not just do that!" and it comes flying off the page at me.

While it is not totally my favorite style, I am invested now in uncovering the rest of this beautifully written novel. I am just waiting for some tragic ending with a bit of stoicsm by the book's unnamed heroine, as she stands looking out over the sea upon a cliff at Manderley. By the way, while I totally understand that the author left the female protagonist unnamed to illustrate the extreme level of overshadowing memories of Rebecca's life has over this young girl, I have named my lead. I think I've been calling her Lily, Victoria, or Eloise just to have a name with the face I'm picturing. Instead of the lack of a name, I find the lead's (Lily/Victoria/Eloise's) insecurities and naievete irritating.

Anyway, I am excited about finishing this and seeing how it all works out. Two thumbs up if that were still popular. I say to those who are hesitantly waiting upon the precarious edge of reading or not reading; "jump".

(Now, please enjoy my copy's sleazy,
harlequin romance-style cover):

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