Monday, January 12, 2009

The beginning of the week

Not much today to piece into a thoughtful and satirical masterpiece of a blog entry, so I will venture to state the following:

Today is "Organize your Home Day" according to some wacky holiday calendar we post up at work. I am uncertain as to what at home I can organize, but I can certainly sort through the foot-high stack of mail that we leave perched precariously atop our shelf near the door. Granted, we take out the important stuff, but sorting things into trash, recycling, shredding, and keeping while you still have your shoes on takes a toll. That is why we ignore it. This weekend we went through a pile that I had put on our couch with the hopes that we'd get to it because we wouldn't like sitting on it. Most of the time, the dog got stuck on that side for the last few weeks. We found mail from 2007 in that pile, no joke.

My brain may be frozen due to the eleventy thousand inches of snow we appear to get dumped on us everyday.

We lost our movie and Applebee's gift cards from Christmas. I swear I washed the clothes that came out of the same gift bag but alas, there are no random gifts to be found. Not a clue. Maybe those items will come to light during our "home organization" day.

I have not chosen who should be playng in the superbowl. Just to make it interesting, I may be rooting for Phily if my husband is rooting for Warner's Cardinal team. I also called the Ravens being in the superbowl but I think its a toss-up between them & the steelers. Ces't la vie.

Have you ever considered that your family may not be the most extremely dysfunctional group of related people on the planet? If not, I highly suggest The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. As her "childhood" is described, I cannot but have my jaw drop every few minutes from the shock of how selfish and odd her parents were and how deeply that affected her and her siblings' lives.
It really is astounding and I am certain she is not the only child who grew up with self-absorbed to the point of extreme negligence. This memoir is certainly un-put-downable.

Off to save the world, or at least organize something.

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