Friday, January 9, 2009

Snow Day.

It took 25 minutes for my car to defrost on the inside this morning. As pleasant as that was, I am now pining for living in any other state that would prevent this intolerable circumstance from ever occuring again in my lifetime. I have now affirmed that you may write to me in Las Vegas, Nevada or Portland Oregon. At least maybe in a year or so. I know that this is the best place for us right now with family and jobs, and I know that the last two winters have been especially harsh, but come on. This is recorded as the 22nd measurable snowfall of this winter- Almost a month of snow, and because this is Chicago, we will have at least 4 more months of winter. It is sickening.

Now as I sop up my tears, I would like to say that I am hungry, even though I ate breakfast roughly 3 hours ago, and I am tired, after my 7.5 hours of sleep. I am attempting to write up and edit our bike plan draft for work. I am psyched about biking but looking at a written plan about biking is not the most interetsing thing in the world. It will be wonderful when it's done, because a long-term plan will be in place, and depending upon available funds, might be brought to realization. I hope so.

I renewed the passion for bicycle riding I had as a kid as I sat on the stationary bikes in the gym. I figure it's not the same, and it might be fun to actually travel someplace, so I would like to get a new bike this spring. Think of how many trips to the library I will be taking on my shiny schwinn! Although a basket may be a good idea, I don't want to look like the old man you always see pedaling slowly down main thoroughfares with nothing in the front or rear baskets and no particular destination evident. It weirds me out.

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