Friday, February 6, 2009

A Day in the Life (and other random things)

I've not been around much, but in the last week I have been on the brink of thinking myself into despair about the rocky economic situation and my job, to being bored out of my mind with my husband at not one but two superbowl/sporting event "parties", and zoomed back into happiness and sunshine and puppies within the span of a week. As a bright spot, I made rockin' potato skin appetizers for a party and they were devoured, unlike our sad little salsa that sat unwanted all night last year. We love our salsa- I do not know what other peoples' problem is - I'm so sorry that it wasn't like processed, splashed into a Chi Chi's salsa jar and hermetically sealed. Whatev.

So I am sitting here today just about to enjoy my hour of reading and lunch at my desk, when the phone rings. It's a quiet ring, because I am irritated by loud rings that make the office occupants expect the telephone to rocket into space at the end of the ring tone. Anyway, I hear the phone ring. While it is not from "unknown caller" aka Fax machine (another story), I recognize the number as a business, and have no clue why they called. I shrug it off and let the voicemail get it, figuring it's just a question about some property maintenance thing. Three seconds after it stops ringing, the same number calls back. I glare at my phone, with a weird, puzzled look on my face as my boss walks by and spots the blank stare on my face, just watching the phone ring. After lunch I talked to the lady and they didn't need me in the first place. What?

As punishment one of those tiny eyelashes jumped from the safety of being connected to my eyelid to just slightly below, so the bottom tip felt like it was scratching my eyeball with a miniature sliver of sandpaper. I was in panic mode - fix lunch or go to the bathroom, carry my lunch bag on my way to the bathroom and leave it outside as I performed minor surgery? I opted to fish a compact mirror out of my purse and jabbed my finger in my eye to get it fixed instead. Disaster averted.

My husband and I watching some food show on tv a while ago decided that if we were to go on a newlywed -type game show (which I think would be awesome), I would be required to say that his favorite thing about cooking is smashing garlic cloves with the flat side of a knife. Odd, but true. I think I like making Italian appetizers and eating ice cream best. In thought, those are not really the same thing.

Two of my latest books read were Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugedines (sp), and Uglies by Scott Westerfield. The first, was interesting, but pretty much left me creeped out and haunted by the girl/guy's life. Yeah yeah, Orpah selection, it was well done, but I don't want to read about some hermaphrodite's grandparent's penchant for incest.
The other book, Uglies, is classified Young Adult and for almost the whole book, I wanted to punch the awful writing in the face. I did like the story concepts, and sadly, may also read the second book called Pretties [gags*]. It's a very fleecy introduction for our vapid youth to recognize that there can be problems with making outer beauty their main motivation in life. It is a sappy friendship, teen heart-throb novel disguised as a science fiction novel.

I've also begun The Pelican Brief but have become bored in the first six chapters despite its content- supreme court, government scandal- great. I just think I will watch the movie instead and move onto something else.

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