Friday, February 27, 2009

Dinna fash, I've got ye covered

This is what I read since my last entry. It was pretty good but those 850 pages took forever to get through. Truthfully, I had been reading little bits of it for about two months, because I couldn't take more of it at a time. It was sooo slow to start and it only took about 270 pages to pull me into the story. Anyway, woman goes time-traveling through this rock, leaves her husband in present-day (post WWII) era Scotland. Captured by a band of Scottish ruffians, woman ends up fated to be with the young Jamie Fraser. It was interesting, and I enjoyed some of the sexy scenes, some fight scenes, the emotional depth of the characters and story. However, I just didn't connect like some people do to this story or these people. I think it is just me, so if you're interested in a well-written, long book with it all, this is for you.

In other news today, my husband called me at 10 am this morning with the following question, "Was the kitchen really flooded when you left this morning?" [blank stare and blinking happening here] "Yes Sweetheart. I found the kitchen gushing water all over the place and decided to pack it up, go to work, and leave it for you to find an hour and a half later." He had to stay and work from home today because of all the people going in and out from the house to fix the catastrophe. Apparently, there was a major clog in the pipes, which we sort of knew about (after one unsuccessful snake drill and two now successful bottles of Draino later), but we thought the problem was solved. There was water dripping from somewhere a couple days ago but we thought it was a roof leak or water coming from melting snow outside. It was not, since there was water times ten this morning after I heard a mysterious water-cooler noise. The dog froze, sniffed the vent that was a problem before, and we went on our merry way. Oh well, problem hopefully and completely solved. Husband is convinced there will be black mold growing in a week and kill us in our sleep. Lovely.
My sister's film got chosen to represent at a school-wide film festival. I of course, am the film's star but I haven't seen it. Very excited to have me looking naked in front of her entire college. Technically, I was taped into a shower curtain when I fell, and was in a bathing suit, but still. I am proud though. Hopefully my sitting around for three hours, sopping wet and getting paint (yes paint) poured on me will in some way, be worth it to her. On the other hand, I am not the filmmaker, so maybe that is what makes art. Hmmm. This weekend, husband and I will be playing vampires in her new epic short. Yes, really.

Sort of reminds me of another book I'm re-reading, Fahrenheit 451. I just loved the line, "the word "intellectual" became the swear word it deserved to be." I think that sums up our society nicely. People always afraid to learn, to produce and permit knowledge, to step off of the grazing sheep's path. I think Bradbury is still rather prophetic in this novel at least. This book was wasted on my 14-year old mind, but I do love it so now.

After this week, I am ready to go crack a bottle of wine or something, read, jam out playing Rockband with husband (his new favorite activity), and fill my head with trash wedding movies, like Made of Honor and Mama Mia. I can't wait.

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