Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Funday

I think that gummi bears are highly underestimated in their resemblance to fruit. They have a delicious variety of flavors, are slightly chewy, and sometimes a little juicy when mixed with your saliva (I know, gross, but come on, it's true). I have been starving this morning since 10 am, only three hours since I shoveled down a medium-sized bowl of Frosted Flakes. I forgot my water bottle (reusable of course) and that helped my stomach remain empty until I discovered my plastic baggie of gummi bears leftover from my home-packed movie snack. Yep. I brought food into the theatre, but you know what? I was not the one making obnoxious crinkling and ripping sounds as I avoided opening a giant box of whoppers or almost spilling an already piddly plastic bag of sour patch kids all over the floor because the package was so hard to open.

Also worth noting from the movie, were the two must-have-been-close-to-30-single-ladies-who-are-probably-staying-single-a-while-longer who sat almost directly behind us in a slightly empty theatre. Granted, my mother, sister and I chose to see Bride Wars of all things, so we might have been asking for it. However, any time there was something said that might have been planned as a laugh-out-loud joke by the writers, but not such a hit onscreen, one of them would repeat it over like it was the funniest thing she'd ever heard. "Oh my gosh! He said "that's right honey!"" HAHAHAHA! "No way! She she just did such and such! I can't believe it!" HAHAHAHA! And they were completely into the whole thing. I bet it ranked up there in their top ten movies of all time. The laughs too were a chortle-snort combo. It was hellacious. My sister and I spared no time in glancing each other's way every time it happened, which was about every five minutes. Seriously. In summary of the movie, my mother and I agreed that it was just full of lots of yelling, and the favorite line had something to do with a comment about eating sticks of butter.

In literary news, I have forsaken The Pelican Brief by John Grisham and have opted to just watch the critically acclaimed (I have no idea if this is true) film starring Julia Roberts & Denzel Washington. I know it came out in like, 1994, but I haven't seen it and would still like to know what happens post chapter 6. Instead, I am embarking on some other randoms that I have not been able to invest myself in reading yet.

For now, I leave you to go back to the little fruity zoo in my hand.

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