Thursday, July 29, 2010

Booo for my late-streak

Boss had to be a boss today and I got "yelled at" for coming in 10-15 minutes late each day this week. Granted, it was exaggerated by my cube-neighbor who always comes in late and leaves on time, so we both were tut-tutted. I fall into a crack with my levaing time. If I lived 10 minutes closer, my timing would be perfect because I could leave on an even time- like, "leave by 7:30". The problem is, if I leave at 7:30, traffic is horrid. If I leave at 7:40, traffic is okay but I get here late. If I leave at 7:15, #1, I'd get to work about 7:40, and #2, it'd be wicked early. Dumb traveling time and traffic. I suppose it will be early days for me then. I may be lazy, but it's annoying because I have to spend today and tomorrow, and early next week feeling guilty about my behavior that I can't do anything about now, yet still irritated, because "the man" (not just my boss) indicates I be here by 8 am everyday. We don't even open until 8:30. I'm going to need to figure out what to do now with all my spare time in the mornings. :(

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