Friday, July 23, 2010

Thar she blows! Gonna be another long one

Nearly everyone is gone today at work. Not that I need people to be here to do my work but it's a motivating factor and without it, the day drags. Luckily, I put more awesome music on my ipod, so I'll be entertained by new songs. Among those on my latest go-playlist:
Brandi Carlile; Christina's new (rather trampy) album; Club 8; A Fine Frenzy; Fleet Foxes; Florence + the Machine; Gossip; The Swell Season; Ingrid Michaelson; Grizzly Bear; La Roux; Leaves; Lenka; Marie Digby; John Mayer; Real Estate; Norah Jones; She & Him; Seal's "Soul" album; The Temper Trap. I know some of these aren't "new" but I still like to rediscover old classics.

Last night we ate a really fab crockpot dinner consisting of that steak I jabbered on about yesterday. (Toss some chopped onions under a flank or top round steak. Top that with a mixture of 1 can salsa, 2 tsp chili powder; salt, pepper, oregano. Top that with a can of drained black beans and cook for 7-9 hours on low. Pop in chopped red & yellow peppers for 30 min. on high. Wa-lah!) It was pretty tasty and is supposed to be healthy too. We're really on the Good Ship Healthy-Eats these days.

Now, I just have to get back into the swing of visiting my old friend, the gym. We've kind of been on the outs because I find him pretty boring and I don't like to call on him more than a couple of days a week because there are more interesting or necessary ways to spend my time. I begrudge Mr. Internet, Stevie Clean, and Ms. Library much less, and have recently become very partial to spending time with my latest most-favourite friend, Sally Napsalot. Just like Stella, I'm certain I will get my groove back soon and update on this sometime in the near future.