Thursday, July 22, 2010

Insert Jeopardy Song Here

I can just tell today is going to go on forever. It's supposed to rain, and for once I'm not so tired that I feel like taking a nap at lunch in my car. I'd much rather be at home cuddling with my puppies, reading, and enjoying the smell of the crockpot cooking up what I assume is going to be a stellar southwestern steak and peppers meal.

I'm listening to Shanghai Girls by Lisa See as I drive to and from work. I used to be really irritated by the characters- they were so selfish and ignorant. They've had so many bad things happen to them by the halfway point that I can't help but like them, so now they're just slightly ignorant. Not to say it's not worth reading, because it is. Surprisingly, these stupid, selfish characters are worth investing in, if only for the fact that the book explores the experience of Chinese immigration to the US (California) in late 1930's. I'd say it is worth taking a look.

Outside of the audio-experience, I'm reading The Power and the Glory, which to my surprise as I got through the first few pages, is about a renegade nicknamed 'the whiskey priest'. If that's not cool, I'm not sure what is. I feel like Graham Greene has a lot of elements of Christ-personified in his books, and my guess would be that it happens here too, but I'm happy to read and find out.

Little Charlie has been on a record-streak for non-bathroom accidents in the house. Streak broken yesterday, and it was all my fault. I ignored him because I just couldn't get my ipod updating to work. Low and behold, not more than two minutes later, I hear a sharp, high powered spraying of liquid on the floor. He only squirted a bit, to tell me it really was time, poor guy. He wanted to go outside, he really did, and he told me, but dogs are apparently only as smart and wonderful as their owners. I guess this gives me something to shoot for.

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