Thursday, July 8, 2010

Busy Bee buzz buzz

I found myself with a larger stack of work than I anticipated earlier when I was listing my responsibilities. I'm not quite in the mood to hang out and laugh at the video of last night's plan commission meeting, so I'm here, doing this for about three more minutes. I need to write the minutes for a meeting where no one showed up. The joys of public disinterest...

I'm smack in the middle of The Year of the Flood (companion novel to Oryx and Crake which I LOVED) by Margaret Atwood. I can't wait to dig into her other stuff. It's difficult to explain, but it centers on the lives of two women who are segregated from the outside world because a waterless-flood (an airborne plague of sorts) was released months ago by a pharmaceutical company. Pretty much everyone who wasn't locked in an airtight space was killed, animals and animal/human gene hybrids are running rampant, the whole semi-apocalypse deal.

I'm also in the middle of The Eight, by Katherine Neville which is a mix of historical and regular fiction and is about the fantastic world of Chess. I'm not joking- that's what it's relaly about. I've heard that the ending either blows your mind or is kind of "eh". I'm a fan of chess, especially when I'm winning, and therefore am hoping it will be the prior.

In other news, I met with two HS buddies and one of their adorable babies. Lots of fun. Looking forward to meeting up with gard school friends for pizza at our cute little riverfront Italian place on Saturday. Note to self: Remove majority of dog hair from home and stock the liquor shelf. Off to punish myself at the gym. I might just go sit on a stationary bike with my book. At least it's something, right? {slight cringe and guilty face} Iiiiiiiittt's Taco Night!!!